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Information on completing a Work Order that has been assigned to you, including adding procedures, labor, files, and notes to the Work Order

Completing Work Orders

Completing Work Order Requests:

  1. Enter Notes on the Request
  2. Enter Labor Hours on the Request
  3. Upload Files to the Request
  4. Complete the Request

When a Request is assigned to you, you will receive an email alerting you to the work order.

Active WO Email

  1. Select the link in the email message to open a browser window with your ML Work Orders™ login screen.
  2. Log into the software. The work order details index screen will be displayed.

    Mark Complete MLW

    Enter Notes on the Request

    Select the (Edit Notes) Edit Icon next to the Notes field, enter the text, and select the Save Note button.

    Enter Notes

    Enter Labor Hours on a Request

    Select the (Add) Add Icon in the Labor section

    Labor Hours

    Enter the number of labor hours worked and any notes explaining what was done during that time, then select the Save button.

    Upload Files to the Request

    Select the (Upload Files) Up Arrow button in the Related Files section

    MLW - Upload a File

    Select the Click to Select Files button and select the file you would like to add to the Work Order.

    Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

    Click the Save & Close button once the file is uploaded

    Complete the Request

    Once the work has been completed and all additional notes, files, and labor hours have been tracked on the work order you can select the Mark Complete button.

Mark Complete MLW