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A brief description of the functionality of the optional Asset Management module for ML Work Orders™ Software.

D. About the optional Asset Management Module

ML Work Orders™ Asset Management Module allows Admins to track and account for all fixed and mobile assets located within their school district.

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A typical ML Work Orders page for an asset. Right click and select open in new tab to view full size.

Each District Admin is be able to record vital information related to each Asset such as:

  • Location within the District
  • Make/Model
  • Serial Numbers
  • Asset Cost
  • Purchase Date
  • Installation date
  • Warranty Expiration Dates
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Vendor
  • Description

District Admins are also be able to upload photographs of each asset and any important documents such as operation manuals and warranties.

Assets are able to be linked to individual work orders and preventative maintenance tasks so that any work done on the Asset will be recorded in the Asset’s work order history log.