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A functional overview of ML Work Orders™ Software’s work flow including account setup, and submitting, completing and managing Work Orders using the software.

b. ML Work Orders™ Software Overview

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ML Work Orders software moves the process you use to submit a maintenance  work order request from your school district’s office to “the cloud”which brings many benefits to users:

  • Improves transparency within the maintenance request process.
  • Reduces approval times based on automated email notifications to appropriate District officials.
  • Decreases the time it takes to complete a work order request.
  • Reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for paper copies.

People involved in the process

ML Work Orders™ software puts everyone involved with District Maintenance Requests on the same page including:

  • Internal Staff Members submitting maintenance requests
  • School administrators responsible for managing the Work Order Request process.
  • School Buildings & Grounds staff responsible for the maintenance of District spaces
  • School IT personnel responsible for maintaining the District’s technology.

Everyone involved in the process has instant access to real-time data via any web-connected device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Supporting Media

A wide variety of media are usually used by a District to process Maintenance Work Order Requests including:

  • Printed forms such as a Maintenance Request forms
  • Spreadsheets for reporting purposes
  • Phone calls when a maintenance request status is not known
  • Emails as another means of communication
  • Log books to track requests
  • Signatures of District Admin Approvals
  • ML Work Orders software consolidates data into one secure place—the cloud.