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Posts that describe the theory behind work orders and provides an overview of ML Work Orders™ Software.

a. Introduction to Work Orders

In the world of MasterLibrary™, a work order is a formal request for maintenance or IT support that can be assigned to and completed by someone with in the District.

Work orders can be requested by anyone in the school district and are typically used for tracking repairs and preventative maintenance of assets (classroom equipment, HVAC, lights, computers, smart boards, and others).

Work orders usually go through 4 steps:

  1. The work is requested by Work Order.
  2. The Work Order is approved and assigned by a facilities or IT administrator.
  3. The work is performed by the individual assigned.
  4. The Work Order is closed with notes as to what was done and the person who made the request is informed.


b. ML Work Orders™ Software Overview

Video Overview


ML Work Orders software moves the process you use to submit a maintenance  work order request from your school district’s office to “the cloud”which brings many benefits to users:

  • Improves transparency within the maintenance request process.
  • Reduces approval times based on automated email notifications to appropriate District officials.
  • Decreases the time it takes to complete a work order request.
  • Reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for paper copies.

People involved in the process

ML Work Orders™ software puts everyone involved with District Maintenance Requests on the same page including:

  • Internal Staff Members submitting maintenance requests
  • School administrators responsible for managing the Work Order Request process.
  • School Buildings & Grounds staff responsible for the maintenance of District spaces
  • School IT personnel responsible for maintaining the District’s technology.

Everyone involved in the process has instant access to real-time data via any web-connected device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Supporting Media

A wide variety of media are usually used by a District to process Maintenance Work Order Requests including:

  • Printed forms such as a Maintenance Request forms
  • Spreadsheets for reporting purposes
  • Phone calls when a maintenance request status is not known
  • Emails as another means of communication
  • Log books to track requests
  • Signatures of District Admin Approvals
  • ML Work Orders software consolidates data into one secure place—the cloud.

c. Available Fields and Settings

ML Work Orders™ utilizes numerous fields and settings to help your District maximize the use of the software.

MasterLibrary will help you with the initial set up of the application, but administrators have the freedom to configure the system as your needs change.

Administrators can manage all of the aspects of the district set up as shown in the image below:

All of the district options that can be modify by administrators.
All of the district options that can be modify by administrators.


If your district is utilizing the Assets module, you can add new types of assets, add or remove assets, and maintain a list of vendors who install and keep your equipment functioning:

Optional Assets settings
Optional Assets settings

If you are utilizing Preventative Maintenance, you can add or remove Preventative Maintenance orders as well as any Procedures:

Optional Preventative Maintenance Settings
Optional Preventative Maintenance Settings

For a more detailed description of each of the ML Work Orders™ settings, see section 4 – ML Work Order Admin Functions.

D. About the optional Asset Management Module

ML Work Orders™ Asset Management Module allows Admins to track and account for all fixed and mobile assets located within their school district.

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size
A typical ML Work Orders page for an asset. Right click and select open in new tab to view full size.

Each District Admin is be able to record vital information related to each Asset such as:

  • Location within the District
  • Make/Model
  • Serial Numbers
  • Asset Cost
  • Purchase Date
  • Installation date
  • Warranty Expiration Dates
  • Purchase Order Number
  • Vendor
  • Description

District Admins are also be able to upload photographs of each asset and any important documents such as operation manuals and warranties.

Assets are able to be linked to individual work orders and preventative maintenance tasks so that any work done on the Asset will be recorded in the Asset’s work order history log.


ML Work Orders™ Preventative Maintenance (PM) Module allows District Admins to generate recurring work orders with customized frequencies (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually).

The system automatically generates a work order and notifies Maintenance staff when a new PM has been created.

Procedures can be attached to a PM so that the individuals working on the PM are aware of the exact steps needed to be taken in order to complete the work order correctly.

Right click and select open in new tab to view full size

Preventative Maintenance items can be linked to Assets and any work done will automatically be saved in the Assets Work Order history.

An unlimited number of PM’s can be attached to an individual asset.